Zombie Archery

Can you hold your nerve long enough to locate and eliminate the zombies …before they eliminate you?

Our group sessions start from £25 per person for a 90 minute session.

Not part of a group? no problem.. we run experience days for individuals, and couples on set dates during the year. Our booking calendar can be found by following the link below.

Our Zombie sessions are aimed at getting everyone involved in the fun from complete beginners’ to experienced archers from the archery community.

You will be provided with all the safety equipment needed as well as the necessary bows and arrows.

On arrival at The Quarry you will be taken to a safe zone where you will be given your introductory training session by a highly skilled Archery GB coach in readiness for fighting the zombie uprising.

Once your archery skills are in place you will be shown where the kill zones are in readiness for leaving the safe zone.

You will then enter the critically infected area of The Quarry where you will wipe out the undead!

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    “The archaeological dig at The Quarry in Norfolk is causing major concern since the archaeologists have not returned home.”

    No communications have been received after the last email which said the team were preparing to open an unusual box they had discovered.

    Police Officer Denbie was rapidly dispatched to check on the team, but he has not returned.

    At 15:00 hours Officer Denbie was heard over the police radio shouting “Kill me. Kill them. Kill me now” before his radio fell silent.

    At 15:45 Zombie infected were sighted at The Quarry by motion sensitive cameras.

    The authorities require a rapid response team to go to The Quarry and bring the situation under control quickly to prevent the infected reaching the surrounding area.”

    As a member of the rapid response team your mission will be to enter The Quarry and eliminate any infected you find. Will you be brave enough to take on the challenge?

    All sessions take place at our private shooting range in West Norfolk.