Archery Beginners’ Course Details

Grey Goose Archery, Mill Drove, Blackborough End, PE32 1SW
£65 per person
Course L124 starts on the 7th April 2024
Course L224 starts on the 16th June 2024
Course L324 TBC
Course L423 TBC

All courses take place on Sunday mornings at 10am

Please contact us if you are unable to attend all 3 sessions as we might be able to arrange a mid week catchup session.

  • Age 10+
  • For Total Beginners
  • Get Certified
  • Learn different bow styles
  • Expert Coaching

Discover the Art of Archery: Beginners’ Course at Grey Goose Archery and Axes!

Unlock the world of archery with our comprehensive Beginners’ Course designed for aspiring archers of all levels.

At Grey Goose Archery and Axes, we pride ourselves on providing professional coaching that ensures safety, skill development, and a rewarding experience.

Why Choose Grey Goose Archery’s Beginners’ Course?

Expert Coaching and Diverse Bow Experience

Led by an Archery GB mentor, County Coach for Norfolk, and County Coaching Officer for Norfolk, our course offers unrivaled expertise.

What sets us apart? We not only cover the fundamentals but also provide an exclusive chance to try Longbows and Compound bows, broadening your archery knowledge.

Comprehensive Curriculum for Certification

Our curriculum encompasses all essentials required for a certified archer. From safety rules and shooting techniques (up to 20 yards) to equipment setup and understanding various bow styles, you’ll receive comprehensive instruction. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to confidently step into the world of archery.

Flexible and Engaging Sessions

We understand your commitments. Our course spans three sessions on Sunday mornings at 10 am. Should you miss any session, we offer the possibility of arranging a mid-week catch-up session, ensuring you don’t miss out on crucial learning.

Value-Added Experience

To enhance your learning journey, we offer an opportunity to join a coaching closed group. Here, participants can engage, share insights, and access additional coaching resources, fostering a supportive learning community.

Who Can Join?

Our course welcomes individuals aged 10 and above, from absolute beginners to those seeking further training or refining their skills.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Archery safety rules and etiquette
  • Shooting techniques up to 20 yards
  • Equipment setup, adjustments, and takedown
  • Range / target setup
  • Exposure to various bow styles and archery disciplines
  • Scoring methods, target rounds, and competition basics

Join the Archery Community

Upon completion, you’ll not only receive a certificate but also gain access to a community passionate about archery. Our coaching closed group allows you to continue learning, discussing, and improving your archery skills.

Ready to Aim for Success?

Contact us now to secure your spot for the next course! Join Grey Goose Archery and Axes on a thrilling journey into the world of archery.

Become Part of the Archery Community

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certification recognized by archery clubs across the UK, opening doors to memberships and participation. Additionally, joining our club grants you access to an exclusive coaching and archery development group.

Our closed group offers a platform for continual learning, where you can engage with fellow members, access additional coaching resources, and elevate your archery skills under our dedicated mentorship.

Ready to Unleash Your Archery Journey?

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