Beginners’ course – Safety

All the evidence shows that recreational archery is a very safe sport. In fact, it is safer than sports such as football or basketball where people risk falls and collisions. The most common injuries in archery are cuts, but these are mostly injuries to people who use bows for hunting and who mishandle the large hunting […]

First Competition

Archery competitions are a great way to meet people and have fun, whilst challenging yourself by scoring a round. Most archery competitions are open to everyone, have a relaxed atmosphere, and beginners are always encouraged to give it a go. Competitions take place all over the county and you can generally find out where through your local […]

Buying Your First Recurve Bow

Buying your first bow can be a daunting task When choosing your first bow it is generally price that is the deciding factor, closely followed by the look and feel of the bow. While the look and feel of the bow is a matter of personal taste, we thought it may be helpful to have […]

Drugs in Archery

Why athletes take drugs Sporting organisations and individual sportsmen and women often seek to preserve what is collectively held as being valuable about sport; the spirit of sport. This spirit of sport has as its core values, fair play, honesty, good health, dedication and commitment and respect for self and other competitors. In addition to […]

5 Steps to Determine Your Eye Dominance

We all have a visual preference, this is known as “Eye Dominance”. At the beginning of your archery career it is important to know which eye is dominant. 1. Find an object that you see clearly approximately 10 metres away. 2. Extend both your arms out in front of you, and then bring both of […]

Bracing Height Adjustments

Adjusting your bracing height is an important part of setting up your bow – and can be overlooked by beginners.   Before adjusting the bracing height on a recurve bow you should find out what the recommended bracing height is for your bow. If you don’t know the recommended bracing height, then this is a rough […]

Fletching Arrows

The first thing to remember when fletching arrows is that cleanliness makes a huge difference. Spending time preparing your arrow shafts is essential if you don’t want to be picking your fletchings off the floor.   Step 1. If you are replacing fletchings make sure you remove the old fletchings and all the old glue residue […]

Compound Bow Paper Tuning

Paper tuning is used for tuning compound bows when being shot with a release aid. Hopefully these instructions will assist you in achieving good arrow flight. Please remember that you cannot expect a consistent, clean tear if you have been only been shooting for a while, or if your equipment is not correctly set-up. You and your […]

The A to Z of Archery Terms

We’ve put together a list of archery terms which should help you understand the language used within the sport. A A/C/C Aluminium/Carbon/Competition arrow shafts made by ‘Easton’. A/C/E Aluminium/Carbon/Extreme arrow shafts made by ‘Easton’. Actual Draw Weight The measured or calculated draw weight of an Archer. Aim To superimpose a sight pin on the centre of a target or, […]

Finger Tab Adjustment

FINGER TABS Following on from my earlier post “Your string fingers” I thought I would cover the finger tab  in more detail. Let us start with the Anchor Plate. This needs to be positioned slightly lower than the top edge of the tab and below the forefinger, as shown in the photo. This gives you the positive […]