Fetes & Fairs

Archery Events at Village Fetes and Country Fairs

According to legend it was an archery event at a village fair that was used to tempt Robin Hood out of Sherwood Forest.

So why not tempt your own Robin Hoods out of hiding, by organising an archery booth at your village fete, country fair or local fun day?

Grey Goose Archery regularly attends county shows and galas in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. However we are fully mobile and are happy to travel further afield.

We will provide all the necessary archery or axe throwing equipment and a qualified archery coaches. All you need to do is allocate some space and leave the rest to us.

Read more about how a have-a-go archery event is structured.

Enquire to get started

    There are two pricing options available

    Pre-Paid in full by the event organiser

    Village fetes and country fairs where footfall is under 5,000 we charge a fee to the event organiser. We could then charge the customer on behalf of the event organiser to subsidise the fee paid by the organiser.

    Visitor Pays

    With large events, festivals and shows we will not charge a fee for attending.

    We will charge the customer direct then pay a commission to the event organiser

    Event footfall, cost and position of stand and traveling costs are all taken into consideration in our pricing, which is why we ask you to contact us for a more accurate idea of price. We will always ask for a deposit from the event organiser regardless of the pricing / payment option you choose.