Finger Tab Adjustment


Following on from my earlier post “Your string fingers” I thought I would cover the finger tab  in more detail.

Let us start with the Anchor Plate. This needs to be positioned slightly lower than the top edge of the tab and below the forefinger, as shown in the photo. This gives you the positive feeling of the plate on your chin which in turn will make you more stable. The tab size is also important and therefore  make sure that it fits your hand correctly and feels comfortable in the hand.



Finger spacer. As you come to full draw, the angle of the string will push your fingers together. Without a finger spacer this will cause your fingers to have contact with the arrow nock. Contact with the arrow nock could disturb the arrow flight on release.

To prevent this happening you can customise your finger spacer to your own size; this is a matter of trial and error to find what suits you.

Tab TrimmingI would also recommend trimming your tab material, allowing enough to cover your fingers without the excess material hindering your release.