CHAIRMAN – Sean FoxSean

The Chairman is a figurehead for the club. Duties include chairing club meetings and coordinating the club committee and officers.



SamSECRETARY – Sam Wright

The Secretary takes the minutes of club meetings, manages the annual affiliations to
Archery GB and co-ordinates internal and external communications for the club. The postal address of the club shall be that of the Secretary at the time.


IMG_1530TREASURER – Dave Cumbridge

The Treasurer manages the club’s finances, collects annual fees and pays them to the county archery association. All money collected on behalf of the club must be passed to the Treasurer.



IMG_1525RECORDS OFFICER – Hayden Cook 

The records officer is a central person in charge of maintaining Club Record Scores, calculating Handicaps and managing club awards schemes and Classifications etc. The Records Officer is important to the club because the services and schemes he/she manages gives all our archers a reason to excel in their shooting and provide challenges and goals they can aspire to. 



The Child Protection officer is the first point of contact for any Club member who has concerns. The CPO advises the committee on any issues that need policy reviews or disciplinary action. The CPO has a direct line of responsibility to the CPO at Archery GB


Jenna and LauraJUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE – Laura Wright / Jenna Ramsey

The Junior Representative’s primary role is too liaise with the club committee regarding the interests of juniors. Other responsibilities include liaising with the county Junior Representative and managing the junior award schemes. Junior members should keep a note of their scores to report to the Junior Representative.



The Coaching organiser is responsible for the provision of coaching at the club. Other responsibilities include coordinating coaching strategies to ensure continuity between coaches and coach development.