Grey Goose Outdoor League

The objective of the League is to generate some friendly competition while maintaining our philosophy that archery is fun!

The league tables are divided into bow type and Male and Female groups i.e Recurve sighted, Barebow, Compound and Longbow.

League nights take place on the 1st Tuesday of the month

Updated - DateRoundLocationScore
Compound - Gents
Andy 7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry322
Ed Plowman7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry276
Compound - Ladies
Compound - Junior Gents
Alfie Williams7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry313
Recurve - Gents
Simon Scotney7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry329
Paul 7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry269
Jon Pepperill7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry252
Mark Shelton7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry230
Recurve – Ladies
Sarah Gibbs7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry275
Recurve – Junior Ladies
Longbow – Gents
Barry7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry223
Longbow ladies
Barebow - Gents
James Leet7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry278
Steve B7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry236
James7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry220
Dan B7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry202
Barebow – Ladies
Sian7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry279
Peg7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry215
Georgina7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry202
Victoria7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry128
Kiera7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry125
Rebeka7/5/2436 arrowsThe quarry53
Barebow – Junior Ladies
Barebow – Junior Gents

Only one bow type per person.

  • 24 arrows indoors, or 36 arrows outdoors, with 2 ends of sighters
  • To qualify for a chance to win the league you must shoot / score on 3 or more occasions per season
  • MY word is final..!, and I’m the judge

There is no obligation to take part, but we hope that you do.