The objective of the League is to generate some friendly competition while maintaining our philosophy that archery is fun!

The league tables are divided into bow type and Male and Female groups i.e Recurve sighted, Barebow, Compound and Longbow.

League nights take place on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month

Updated – 22/11/23DateRoundLocationScore
Compound – Gents    
Frank21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 222
Den Williams07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church BFM
Compound – Ladies    
Laura Wright07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 237
Marion07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 221
Compound – Junior Gents    
Alfie Williams21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 216
Recurve – Gents    
Simon Scotney21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 228
Dave Cumbridge21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 199
Lee Phillips21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 148
Recurve – Ladies    
Helen21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 225
Jenna Mae Ramsay07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 194
Recurve – Junior Gent    
Recurve – Junior Ladies    
Rhianna Chapman21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 195
Longbow – Gents    
Barry07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 177
Barebow – Gents    
Paul21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 222
James07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 207
Steve B21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 195
Dan B07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 189
Nick Pledge21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 169
Andy21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 167
Stu21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 99
Barebow – Ladies    
Sian07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 178
Peg21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 172
Leonie21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 157
Alison07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 150
Kiera21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 145
Georgina07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 123
Emma07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 96
Louise07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 95
Barebow – Junior Ladies    
Annabelle21/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 98
Nicoletta07/11/202324 arrows  Eternity Church 67

Only one bow type per person.

  • 24 arrows indoors, or 36 arrows outdoors, with 2 ends of sighters
  • To qualify for a chance to win the league you must shoot / score on 3 or more occasions per season
  • MY word is final..!, and I’m the judge

There is no obligation to take part, but we hope that you do.