Grey Goose Archers – Club Rules 

The majority of these rules are specific to Grey Goose Archers, but it should be noted that these are intended to be read in conjunction with the Rules of Shooting and the Shooting Administrative Procedures (SAPs) of Archery GB, these rules can be found here –


  1. All archers must shoot from the marked shooting lines, and may shoot with any bow type up to 90 m (100 yards)
  2. Common sense should be applied at all times and archers should cease shooting immediately if they become aware of someone beyond the target line. Archers should be particularly vigilant when shooting is taking place at the air gun club.
  3. If an arrow misses the target and the arrow has traveled beyond the horizon towards the air gun club, please check that it is safe to retrieve your arrow. If the air gun club is shooting please walk around the road to the air gun club to collect your arrow.
  4. Please ensure that your boss / target is firmly pegged down before and after shooting.
  5. After shooting please ensure all club equipment is put away tidily and always take the faces off the bosses: faces should not remain on the bosses after shooting.
  6. A Field Captain must be elected from the group shooting. The Field Captain is responsible for the safety of members by making sure everyone has finished shooting before anyone crosses the shooting line to collect arrows.
  7. If you see people on the field who you think may not be members, please notify a committee member. Friends and family are not allowed to ‘have a go’.
  8. Lost arrows must be reported to a committee member.


  1. Any Member who has not renewed their Membership by 1st October by paying the necessary fees will not be permitted to shoot until such fees have been paid.
  2. Members of Grey Goose Archers are affiliated to Archery GB, The County of Norfolk Archery Association (NAA) and Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) and all members affiliating through Grey Goose Archers are required to pay the necessary fees.
  3. Any Member choosing to affiliate to Archery GB through another Club, or through Direct Membership of Archery GB, must submit a copy of an official receipt or Archery GB Card as proof of affiliation with their Application or Renewal Form before membership is confirmed.
  4. Junior Members must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or nominated supervising adult. This person may be a Member of the Club, who should not shoot when acting in a supervisory capacity. If the supervising adult is not a shooting member then that person must pay the appropriate fee for a Non-Shooting Supervising Adult, and in addition, the Junior Member may only shoot when an Archery GB Member is present.
  5. Applicants for membership of Grey Goose Archers are not considered Members of the Club until such time as their application has been approved by the Committee.
  6. New members joining the Club part way through a Membership Year will pay quarterly prorated Club Fees and Affiliation Fees (the latter if not already an active or lapsed Archery GB Member). Prorated fees only apply to new members and not to returning lapsed members, who are required to pay the full year rates.


  1. Dogs are allowed on the grounds. They may not be exercised on the field whilst shooting is happening, and must always be securely tethered behind the waiting line when shooting is happening. The person responsible for the dog must remove any fouling of the grounds.
  2. For the comfort of all archers please reframe from smoking in any area of the quarry other than the designated smoking area.
  3. Please remember to take your rubbish away with you, and report any damaged or broken equipment to a committee member.
  4. Please respect the boundaries of the shooting area as seen on the map below. For your own safety do not climb up any of the banks.