STANCE “Good Foundations”

Below are four of the main stances that have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Remember to have your feet shoulder width apart, with your body weight equally distributed between the balls and midsection of your feet.


Even Stance or square stance is a natural position that is easy to reproduce. Some archers may have problems with clearance as the string may cause string clearance problems if you are of a larger build.


Closed Stance can give an excellent base for uneven ground and improve alignment; however it will reduce string clearance.


Open Stance can also give an excellent base for uneven ground, and will give a good amount of string clearance. However the alignment towards the target makes it harder to engage the back muscles.



Oblique Stance is a good all-round stance giving a stable base and excellent string clearance. This stance is however the hardest to maintain so is mostly used by expert archers.